Helpful guidelines to follow

  • By purchasing a pass to participate on the attractions, you agree to read and be aware of all the POSTED rules and regulations. Full PDF files are available to view upon request before purchasing a admission ticket

  • ANYONE, REGARDLESS OF AGE, WHO WILL USE OUR ATTRACTIONS REQUIRES A TICKET. We do not have an age limit but do recommend anyone 4' or over can use ALL attractions. Toddlers and crawlers, under 4' , can use the Soft Play Area, Trampolines, and Mega inflatable with a paid ticket/our grip socks and yes parents are also required a ticket with our grip socks  to be on any attraction.

  • Our Grip Socks ONLY allowed on our attractions

  • FOLLOW Court Monitor instructions at all times

  • NO food, candy, drinks, or gum allowed on all attractions

  • DO NOT jump if you are pregnant or have any health problems

  • Only jump on the trampoline pads, do not jump or land on padding or platform. 

  • ALWAYS JUMP AND LAND ON TWO FEET – this is critical for safety. To perform a safety landing (or jumping stop), land on two feet, with legs apart, knees bent, and arms in front of you

  • The City Attraction (Mega Inflatable) - LAND ON YOUR BEHIND OR BACK, NOT FEET FIRST! There are 3 jump stunt bags located at the: 26' larger slide/The Stunt Bag area next to slide/ Jousting area pad. It is recommend to land in a behind/back fall versus jumping and landing on your feet.

  • AVOID jumping on another individuals trampoline. It is dangerous to jump on a trampoline that someone is occupying

  • Jump Air-Bag: If falling, try to land on your back or “cannon ball”. 

  • NO rough-housing, wrestling, racing, tackling, shoving, or playing tag

  • NO belt buckles, clothing studs, keys, key chains, or sharp objects on apparel or in pockets. Empty your pockets before jumping

  • If crossing from one trampoline to another look around in order to check that you will not collide with another jumper

  • NO sitting or resting on the trampolines, pads, inflatable, sidewalks, or carpet

  • There are no large gatherings/unbooked parties/outside food (Cake-All Food) to include bags/gift bags allowed at the tables on the main attraction floor or in the party area without a booked party. 

Unused tickets purchased will be turned into a voucher credit for future use. There are no refunds only a credit voucher. Email:

   PARTIES :  Please see the Parties page  or click here -